Tech Recycling
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Tech recycling is the sustainable way to dispose of your E-waste (Electronic waste). It can often feel like you have the latest equipment for barely a week before the new release comes out and your device becomes outdated. A YouGov survey showed that 40% of smart phone owners aged 18-24 buy a new phone every 1-2 years. UK households and businesses create 1.45 million tonnes of electronic waste a year and only recycle approximately 2.5%-10%, according to Circular.

E-waste is clearly a major contributor to the unsustainable disposal of waste. So why is it important to recycle tech waste and how can you do it?

WEEE Regulations

WEEE is the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations. These regulations ensure the safe and sustainable disposal of electronic waste. Methods such as recycling and reuse of disposed products. Watch the video below for an explanation of what WEEE covers.

These regulations ensure the opportunity of sustainable E-waste disposal. Proper disposal has many benefits that are sustainable for the environment, society and the economy.

Why You Should Recycle Your Tech

The environmental benefits of tech recycling are widely supported. Adhering to the WEEE regulations would see a reduction of the quantity of tech in landfills. The reduction of E-waste in landfills also has other benefits. Electronics often contain chemicals that when put into landfill cause damage to the surrounding environment. This would also result in harm to any creatures, including people, that come into contact with it if it seeps into water supplies.

Many of the natural resources that are present in E-waste can be salvaged and re-used in new tech which still needs those same resources. This will mean there is less of a need to harvest more of the worlds natural resources.

Apple have already committed themselves to using recycled materials in their new phones. According to their report 2.6 million tonnes of mined rock equivalent have been avoided by using recycled content in iPhone 13s.

Using recycled materials can also reduce manufacturing costs. Raw materials often cost much more than those harvested from recycled materials. This can benefit both producers and end users as the cost of production will fall along with the overall price for the end user.

How to Recycle E-Waste

itQED offers our clients the option to take their unwanted electronics for recycling. We make certain that all data is wiped from all devices to ensure that your information stays safe and secure.

If you would like to contact us about our tech recycling scheme, please head over to our contact page.

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