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Video Conferencing Made Easy

Effective communication is a priority for us here at itQED. That’s why when we moved office to Arborfield, having a state of the art boardroom was a large factor in the decision. Fitted with a Logitech Rally Plus and a 65” interactive screen, we can now host seamless virtual meetings and provide comprehensive training to both our staff and clients.

Video conferencing is nothing new.  It was mostly used for inter-office communications in the early years, although external communications were possible.  Predominantly, it was used by larger companies.  While it worked fine, there was no consistent user experience.  Users would have to learn complex dial sequences for the different types of calls (i.e. internal/external).

Now, video conferencing is as easy as pushing one button.

itQED’s New Boardroom

After having experience with many room systems we decided that Logitech had the best blend of quality, ease of use and setup, offering high quality conference cameras, microphones, and speakers that work with virtually any PC or Mac, and can also be integrated into meeting room solutions to give professional and one touch access to meetings using Microsoft Teams Rooms (other rooms vendors such as Zoom and Google can also be integrated). 

Logitech offers three main ranges: Rally Bar Mini, Rally Bar, and Rally Plus, for your video conference room solutions.  Affordable, but not sacrificing quality.

All three ranges offer similar capabilities, the main difference being how big the space is and how many people are in the meeting.  Using RightSense technology, better meeting experiences have been made easy and automatic. RightSound optimises the human voice while reducing unnecessary sounds for amazing clarity, even auto-boosting quiet talkers so every voice is heard.  RightSight automatically detects attendees, moving the lens and adjusting the zoom to make sure that no one is left out of the picture.  RightLight intelligently adjusts video settings, so everyone always looks their best no matter the lighting conditions.

In addition, all three ranges are simple to set up with either Plug and Play or integrated room solutions.  No additional software is required, simply connect.  The All-In-One design for the Rally bars reduces clutter, and the extra compute function with the room solutions allows increased flexibility.

So How Do You Know Which Rally To Get?

Simply ask yourself what kind of space you are looking to equip. 

If you own a small business, hosting meetings for smaller groups, or just looking to equip a room for brainstorming or a huddle space, the Rally Bar Mini is perfect for you.  The Mini range can also be integrated with a mini PC and the Logitech Tap touch controller to give additional features.  It also includes the premier All-In-One video bar (in colours graphite or white), with motorised pan and tilt lens to provide extensive room coverage, and ultra-low distortion speakers for crystal clear sound.  To extend audio coverage, you may also add up to two Rally Mic pods.

The Rally Bar is perfect for midsize conference rooms. It can also be integrated with a mini PC and the Logitech Tap touch controller to give additional features and has a bigger All-In-One video bar.  The camera provides lossless image quality up to five times optical zoom, digitally enhancing to fifteen times total zoom with resolutions up to 4K.  You can also add up to three Rally Mic Pods for better sound coverage.

What we have in our boardroom, is the Rally Plus. 

Rally plus set up for video conferencing
Rally plus setup

It comes with all the equipment the other two ranges offer, but instead of the All-In-One video bar, the Rally Plus comes with a Rally 4K PTZ camera, two Rally speakers, and two Rally Mic Pods. 

Rally Plus Setup with 2 speakers and 4K camera

This set up makes the Rally Plus perfect for large conference rooms, boardrooms, or U-Shaped tables.  This range is customisable for large rooms of virtually any size or shape, allowing up to seven Rally Mic Pods extension.  Ours has also been integrated with a Microsoft Teams Rooms mini PC and Logitech TAP controller to give a one touch meeting experience.

Logitech TAP controller for video conferencing
Logitech TAP Controller

If you are looking to upgrade your conference room, or looking to set up a brand new one, we are here with the perfect video conference room solutions. We can also offer demos to show what is possible.

Call itQED for more information or make an appointment for a demonstration.