Resilient Internet connectivity is vital for business continuity.

You’ve upgraded your office network from a simple ADSL router. You’re now worried about the increase in the volume of data and voice it handles.

What if the links or ADSL fail and you lose access to all your files and your emails? We can advise on solutions using 4G and bonded ADSL to ensure you can keep on working.

Whilst your anxiety is fully justified, a simple call to local IT specialists, it QED, will lift the weight off your shoulders. Please contact us.

We are:

  • Accessible and responsive
  • Technically right on the money
  • Experts in seeing YOU online

Business Continuity

We will ensure you enjoy business continuity by:

  • Pre-empting Internet failure with multiple connections
  • Backing-up your Internet with 4G if ADSL falters
  • Boosting your grade of service by installing leased lines
  • Covering all this with an optional SLA

For long-term peace of mind and IT support you can trust. Contact us now.