Phone System
In today’s ever-changing work environment it’s critical that business users can easily communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues wherever they are.
itQED’s Hosted PBX service provides advanced call features that can quickly scale across multiple sites, enabling employees to communicate from any office or if they’re on the road.
itQED’s Hosted PBX service removes the need for companies to operate and maintain PBXs, freeing up time and resources.

Why use Hosted PBX instead of on-site PBXs?

Traditional PBXs have a number of problems meeting the needs of
today’s work environment:

  • CAPEX impact of upfront PBX investment and then later replacement.
  • Inflexibility should new PBX users/features require hardware or software upgrades.
  • Inaccessibility of PBX call features to remote users limiting their productivity.
  • Business continuity risk of flood, fire or fault affects the PBX.

itQED’s Hosted PBX service avoids these problems by operating from our resilient Voice Services Platform, removing the need for on-site PBXs, reducing CAPEX and providing business continuity in case of on-site flood or fire. New Hosted PBX users and features can be added quickly as required. Users can then access the Hosted PBX service regardless of their location.

Why Choose Hoste PBX from itQED?

itQED’s Hosted PBX service is delivered from our carrier grade Voice Services Platform and resilient core Network, which together eliminate the effects of jitter, latency and packet loss to provide high quality voice calls.

Exponential-e also provides a wide range of voice features (see overleaf) plus additional options that can be quickly added.

Key Benefits

  • High quality voice calls with advanced, flexible call features that can scale as required.
  • Reduced CAPEX with fully managed solution – no need to purchase and maintain costly hardware.
  • Resilience – Voice communications unaffected in case of flood or fire at Head office or branch offices.
  • Improved remote worker productivity through easier and more effective communication.