Don’t want to think about technology? Happy to just focus on running the business, taking for granted that your network and computers will keep doing their job?

In that case, contract IT support from specialists.

itQED should be right up your street, because we are:  

  • Locally-based
  • Exceptionally accessible and responsive
  • Up to date with the services you need

Tailored Benefits

Your contract support will be tailored to your specific needs, providing preemptive and proactive maintenance of your servers and environment:

  • Full system monitoring on-site and/or remote
  • Specific, routine and general network monitoring via servers configured to send email alerts in the event of server problems
  • Agreed response times for a server that hosts a business-critical operation (possibly data-centre based)
  • Telephone support for all users.

So, for more information on regular monitoring that reduces server failures, minimises business interference and keeps your blood pressure down, please contact us.

Helps build a picture of ‘normal’ operation (including disk and CPU utilisation, email message store size, back-up performance etc).

In addition to scheduled support, contract customers get priority support and a reduction of hourly rates when the unexpected occurs.

  • Over-temperature (potential cooling fan failure)
  • Increased disk error rate (impending drive failure)
  • Disks filling up
  • Virus activity
  • Potential security breaches
  • Internal / External power supply issues
  • Backup success/failure.

Our support will be allied with a manufacturer’s ‘break-fix’ hardware contract, e.g. Cisco SmartNet or the required level of HP Carepack.