Virtualisation is an effective option if you’re nervous about server sprawl and your computer network is slow, inflexible and expensive to maintain.

Virtualisation is especially beneficial as servers become more powerful.

itQED’s preferred solution is the Microsoft Hyper V platform, known as the Microsoft “Private Cloud”.

This consolidates multiple servers on to fewer hardware platforms, resulting in:

  • Better use of resources, with less environmental impact
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • A more flexible and agile infrastructure
  • Full use of hardware resources
  • Opportunities for redundancy and failover.

Fully Monitored

In addition, in conjunction with System Centre Management or similar products, the environment can be fully monitored (even within virtual machines), providing data that can be used to:

  • Tune the environments to automatically reconfigure in response to extra demands on the systems and applications
  • Provide redundancy, on site or across remote sites, ensuring servers and applications are always available.

There are a number of consideration when looking at cloud or virtualisation, including:

  • Does the solution make long term financial sense
  • Will all application work in a hosted environment
  • Would remote desktop services be required to support applications
  • Consider that most cloud hosting requires 2 of each machine to meet SLAs

Please contact us to discuss these and many other considerations.

Whether publically hosted, privately hosted, onsite or a hybrid solution is most suitable for your needs requires much thought and planning.

We are happy to provide assistance and guidance. Please contact us to talk to one of our solution architects.

Microsoft is our preferred vendor for public cloud solution whether it is multiple servers hosted in Azure, hosted email, SharePoint, Lync or many other products we have the experience to assist.

itQED are also well versed in Amazon AWS to provide a wide spectrum of possible solutions.