This is an image of an office desk setup with two monitors on a desk mount, laptop, and wireless keyboard and mouse set
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Are you looking to upgrade and declutter your desk space?

Productivity Survey

Did you know that an untidy desk space could affect your productivity?

In a survey conducted by Brother, 40% admitted an untidy workspace makes them less productive.  25% said that messy colleagues have a negative impact on their own productivity, while 21% said it added to their workload.  You can read more about this survey here.

Traditional Desk Setup

An average desk nowadays looks like the image below: monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse, and visible wires.  While it looks organised, it feels too cluttered with the visible wires and multiple risers.    

New Setup For Client

Recently, we helped to upgrade and declutter 20+ desk spaces in our client’s office.  With brand new equipment, each desk is now looking sleek and ordered.  

The dual gas spring desk mount can support two monitors up to 27”.  It works as a clamp so minimal space is taken up on the desk unlike traditional risers. It also has a built in cable management to keep the cables out of the way when moving the screens and keep the desk looking tidy. 

Our favourite about this set up, however, has to be the one cable. In conjunction with the HP monitors, one USB-C cable can be used to connect a laptop to both monitors, the wireless keyboard, and mouse. The USB-C also charges the laptop, now that is minimalist!

Not only does the desk mount take up less space, but it also offers a broad range of adjustments.  The dual gas spring arm allows for position adjustment of the screens to your preferences.  This includes tilt, swivel, height, and rotation, assuring ergonomic body posture.  This video shows how simple it is to set up a desk mount, and how once set up, the arms can be adjusted individually.

Contact us today and we will help you create the ultimate desk space for increased comfort and productivity.

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