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Office 365 IMAP migration issues. Resolved!

We recently conducted a Microsoft Office 365 migration for a small organisation who decided to move away from their current IMAP mailboxes onto Office 365. They had decided to make the change as they wanted a highly reliable, robust, business grade email solution.

On completion of the migration, during testing, We noticed that the delete button within all of the users’ Outlook clients was no longer usable. All other functions behaved as expected apart from this one oddity. Items could still be deleted as normal using the ‘delete’ key on the users keyboard, however, not from the client itself.

After further investigation, it appears this was a result of exporting an IMAP data file to a PST file and then uploading the PST file to Office 365. The folders retained certain IMAP features, one of which was the purge function that is present in an IMAP mailbox as opposed to the delete function.

In order to resolve the issue, the following can be carried out:

  1. Download a 3rd party application called MFCMAPI. (Note, If you have 64 bit office, you will need 64 bit MFCMAPI)
  2. Open MFCMAPI select ‘session > logon’.
  3. Select the relevant Outlook profile.
  4. Double click on the affected data store.
  5. Expand ‘Root > Mailbox’.
  6. Expand ‘IPM_Subtree’
  7. Select the affected folder (In this case it was ‘Deleted Items’).
  8. On the right hand side, I search for ‘PR_CONTAINER_CLASS’ and double click it.
  9. Change the item IPF.IMAP to IPF.Note
  10. Repeat this for each folder that was exported from IMAP.
  11. When completed, close the MFCMAPI window and click ‘Session > Logoff’

After these steps have been completed, you should find that you regain the delete option within the Outlook client.